The State of UX in the Philippines

with UXPH


Research Lead


Semi-structured interviews, survey




2020 - 2021

User Experience Philippines (UXPH) is the largest non-profit organization aimed at growing and supporting design professionals, enthusiasts, and students in the Philippines. Its Research Team conducts studies to understand the landscape of UX in the Philippines, with the State of UX in the Philippines (SOUP) report being the team's first project.


The report is an evaluation of the UX landscape in the Philippines from 2020 to 2021, and aimed to display how the Philippines provides a unique environment that nurtures specific breeds of UX practitioners and leaders. 

Organizations in other countries have published similar reports assessing the state of UX in their region such as the State of Design in Sweden, the State of Canadian UX Report, and UX in Southeast Asia.


We used a mixed-method approach to achieve our results – first sending out a survey to students, UX practitioners, and leads our network and then interviewing members from each group. We received 390 responses on the survey and interviewed 20 individuals (8 students, 5 practitioners, and 7 UX leads). 

We used qualitative coding to analyze our interview data and then supported the emergent themes with analyzed results from the survey.


The resulting report was presented to students, practitioners, and organizations to display the value and growth of UX in Philippine industry. The final report was published in six parts on Medium:

In addition to publishing the report, I also had the opportunity to present our report findings during Philippines Design Week organized by the Design Center of the Philippines, and the Design Conf by Learners.

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